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2020 ODP East Regional Game Schedule and Results



SEZ Regional Selection Rosters!! see below:


Dear SEZ Athletes and Families,

THANK YOU!!!! to the almost 500 players who participated in our two ODP camps and zone ODP tournament.  This is by far the largest ODP participation we’ve had in the Southeast Zone and is a tribute to your interest in becoming better water polo players.  After much thought and discussion by our SEZ coaching staff, as well as feedback from our National Coaching staff, we have finalized selections for the Southeast Zone ODP teams. Please see the rosters below.  

To those selected I would like to congratulate you for making our SEZ 2020 ODP Regional Team. We look forward to continuing our work together and competing in the ODP Regional Championships.

You will receive an official email from USAWP within the next few days.  This email will contain detailed information regarding the next steps that you must complete, including accepting your invitation to the zone team and booking your travel to Regional Championship in North Carolina. 

For now, please be sure you keep the following dates free for our zone team training as well as the championship:

  1. Respond to this email by Friday 13 December with an acceptance of your selection.

Click here to RSVP!!

  1. ODP Regional Championship January 10-12, Greensboro, NC 

  2. Boys ODP National Championship Feb 28-1 March, Riverside, CA

  3. Girls ODP National Championship March 13-15, Riverside, CA

Please visit the following site for more information: https://usawaterpolo.org/sports/2019/1/23/regional-national-championships.aspx

Selections for the SEZ ODP National Championship team will occur shortly after we return from Regionals. 

Again, congratulations!  Please continue training hard from now until our first team training and through regional championships.



Regionals at Greensboro, NC

Dates: Jan 10-12, 2020

Zones Participating: MDW, GLZ, NEZ, and SEZ

Location: Greensboro Aquatic Center, 1921 W Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27403

Airport: Greensboro, NC (You should book tour travel as soon as possible)

Hotel: Sheraton Greensboro Hotel 3121 W Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, NC 27407, Phone:  (336) 292-9161

You can call the hotel at 1-800-242-6556 then choose option 1 (for reservations) they then  ask for the “Friends & Family USA Water Polo” block.


Family and friends must make their own arrangements.  Athletes may not stay with family/friends.

Team Uniform: The Southeast Zone would like to have all athletes wear a SEZ team shirt. The suit is optional though we encourage you to get one. **Be aware that if you are selected you will also be required to purchase National Team gear for the trip to California at a later date**. 

You may place your orders from the link here:   


Order your gear ASAP in order to have gear before the tournament.




Team Selections: 

Youth Girls: 

Jolley, Krystyna

Pascual, Alissa

Hillhouse, Olivia

Beleznay, Flora

Boothe, Samantha

Hulme, Jade

Buffington, Sydney

Cohen, Aliyah

Galbis, Isabella

Morris, Morgan

Prather, Samantha

Belinski, Emily

Mastrangelo, Sydney 

McHardy, Nina

Erin McCormack

Devroedt, Sydney

Furey, Eleanor

Krasner, Alicia

Harris, Hannah

Cruz, Tamara

Agliano, Jordan

Shipley, Sabrina

Deavila, Chloe

MacCabe, Mickelle

Deavila, Chloe

McHardy, Jamie

Chandler, Mallory

Nordheim, Caroline


Cadet Girls

Mary Jane Bailey

Melisa Sakalas

Elise Smith Davids

Ansley Fox

Julia Allen

Charlotte Lucas

Vivian Bailey

Giorgia Pascual

Gabriella Montalvo

Annelie McGhee

Kayla Lett-Cox

Samantha Cyr

Jordan Agliano

Catherine Morin

Maya Dickson

Bianca Valsecchi

Eleonora Cavallini

Marley Hanlon

Bryn Walsh

Cecilia Granda-Scott

Allison Wall

Hannah Skandamis

Sarah Fitzsimmons

Mackenzie Hamilton

Malli Challa

Samantha Rizzo

Gabriela Pellegrini


Developmental Girls

Nagy, Victoria

Linaweaver, Isabella

Allen, Julia

Canales, Layla

Fadloullah, Surraya

Arendale, Mary (MJ)

Fitzsimmons, Maria

Metzdorf, Magdalyn 

Behling, Joanna

Vega, Jillian

Anna-Marie Fitzsimmons

Youth Boys

Mason Badics

Ayden Miller

Awwal Kay-Ramos

Dylan Umpierre

Viktor Olah Sallai

Zac McIntosh

Hayes Holly

Jeronimo Dacharry

Hayes Beamon

Ali Fareed

Eli Schweitzer

Sole Fratila

Calvin Ransom

Hayaat Kay-Ramos

Zeyad Abdelmaged

Alejandro Gomez

Luksa Vlasic

Ryan Hoad

Juan Pompa

Bruno Rebessi

Maximilien Boucher

Grant Archer

Nicholas Gomez

Riccardo Di Giuseppe

Kyle Pearson

Kamal Kay-Ramos

Colin Watson

Cadet Boys

Tariq Tazisidqui

Raul Rodriguez

Paolo Rebessi

John Slot

Ryan Fullerton

Coby Scanlon

Jacob Nagy

Geronimo Carom

Victor Perez

Max Zelikov

Gregory Nordheim

Nikita Bushuev

Vassilis Johnston

Andras Beleznay

Phelipe Lyra

Daniel Raz

Liam Ortiz

Anthony Petro

William Byers

George Arendale

Spencer Yahn

Carson Stanton-Sharpless

Theodore Pliner

James Chatfield

Ayden Hess

Harry Sharma

Cooper Howard

Trisler, Montana

Developmental Boys

Hill, Cooper

Pumpelly, Roman

Hartel, Lander

Buttice, Gage

Fareed, Ahmad

Badics, Cooper

Bravo Franco, Sebastian

Whitaker, Shane

Probert, Maxamiliano

Raz, Daniel

Schici, Connor

Vlasic, Toni

Tannus, Ryan

Troche, Matthew

Combs, Ian

Lewis Keister, Gabriel

Roycik, Joel

Khong, Kyan

Beamon, Luke

Berler, Henry

Eastaugh, Samuel

McLellan, James

Owens, Carson

Dollar, Andrew

Maddox, Robert

Kim, Dakota

Perez, Angelo

Gordon, Victor

Maxson, David

Folvig, John

Neumann, Blake

Litchfield, Joseph




2019  Zone Identification Tournament 

USA Water Polo and the Southeast Zone are proud to host our 3rd annual zone tournament. This tournament provides high-level competition for athletes in the zone as well as exposure to the National Team Coaches. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for athletes to be selected as a member of the Southeast Zone ODP team. 

Date: 7-8 December 2019

Pool Locations

  • 7 Dec Saturday: Oviedo Aquatic Center 148 Oviedo Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765
  • 8 Dec Sunday: Lake Highland Prep School, 901 Highland Ave, Orlando, FL 32803




Olympic Development Program for the Southeast Zone of USA Water Polo

Time to get ready for the 2019-2020 USA Water Polo Olympic Development Program (ODP) events in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, & California. ODP is a great way to increase your skills get national team exposure and meet new friends. Lead by some of the best coaches in our Zone and the entire country, as well as Olympians past and present, ODP is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and chase your Olympic Dreams!!.  Read all about it here.


  • Eastern Regional Championships (January 10-12) in Greensboro, NC

    • SEZ teams will then be selected to ONE team per division for the ODP Nationals: 

    • Purpose: To give these zones more play opportunities and additional time to evaluate the athletes for the zone team. Additionally allow more athletes to be exposed to a national style event and compete against peers from across the region. Team Selection: Selection of teams will occur in the week of 17-21 December. It is our intention to select 2 team in each age division for both boys and girls. Though this may be difficult in certain ages we will do our best to field a competitive teams. A final selection will be made after this event for athletes to attend the ODP National Tournament in California  For more information please contact Kurt Predmore at  kpredmore@usawaterpolo.org

  • Boys National Championships (February 28- March 1) Southern California - Riverside Area

  • Girls National Championships (March 13-15) Southern California - Riverside Area

National Team Selection Camp participants announced at the end of each NC.

BOYS NTSC - April 24-26, 2020 - Orange County

GIRLS NTSC - May 22-24, 2020 - Orange County

The number of SEZ players attending NTSCs grows each year, as do the number who play for Team USA.  ODP is how they do it!

Staff 2019-2020 



Southeast-06's Anna Rosen annarosenjp@gmail.com Dev South Florida, 
06's Beth Bailey* bethb@swfloridawaterpolo.org Dev Sarasota United
04's & 05's Andrew Neff* aneff@usawaterpolo.org Cadet Dynamo
04's & 05's Adam, Drucker coachadamdrucker@gmail.com Cadet Hurricanes
03's Petar Solomun* petarsolomun@yahoo.com Youth USAWP
03’s Marco Barrera marpolo7791@gmail.com Cadet Palm Beach United 

*indicates Zone Age Group Coach



06's Zac  Kappos* nextlevelwaterpolo@gmail.com Dev Next Level 
04's & 05's Kurt Predmore* 

 (Zone Head Coach  Boy/Girls)

kpredmore@usawaterpolo.org Cadet Palm Beach United
04's & 05's Marko Dzigursiki markodzigurski3@gmail.com Cadet Sarasota United
03's Stuart Sheldon* stuartsheldon@bellsouth.net Youth Dynamo
03’s Gal Ben Kiki Galbk96@gmail.com Youth South Florida WPC

*indicates Zone Age Group Coach


If you are selected for the Regional Tournament we are asking that all players have at least the team suit. The other apparel is optional. please go to the website  to order directly.






















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