Southeast Zone Policies

Zone Board Members: 

Kurt Predmore – Chair

Ira Berke – Vice Chair

Priam Rosenberg – Treasurer

Stuart Sheldon- Secretary

Anna Rosen –  Member at large

Jeff Bailey – Member at large

Dave Huelsman – Member at large

Hosting Tournaments


Sanctioning– All tournaments must be sanctioned through USAWP.  Once submitted the SE Zone must approve before the host can publish the event. Please provide details in the form of a flyer or PDF that details the specifics of your event to the zone chair. A $25.00 fee will be paid to the zone once approved it will be placed on the zone calendar and sent out to the zone membership.    Please use this site to submit for publishing. 

Referee assignments-

Once event is approved host will need to contact zone head referee and discuss your need. Consider the following

  • Local-using local refs eliminates need for lodging
  • Non Local-costs could include travel and lodging
  • Levels-higher level tournaments may require higher level refs
  • Payment Schedule-what can you pay for refs.

Suggested Tournament Entry and Forfeiture Policy

While these are only suggested policies to follow when running a tournament consider their use as it will simplify matters for the host. .  

  • Entry fees must be paid 7 days prior to start of tournament or at the discretion of tournament director. If paid on the start day or on deck a late fee will be assessed of 25$. A deposit will be required to guarantee entry to the tournament and the balance to be paid 3-5 days to start of the event.


  • Tournament Withdrawal. Entry is not guaranteed unless an entry fee is received at least 5 days prior to the start of a tournament. A deposit (minimum $100) can be used to hold a teams spot in the event and the balanced can be paid 3-5 days prior to start date. Againis paid on deck a 25$ late fee will be assessed.  If team withdraws or drops out from the event the deposit is not refunded and team will be reported to the zone chair.

Forfeiture Fee. If a team forfeits a game in tournament play a fortifture fee of $50 will be paid to the opposing team and a fine of $100 paid to the event host. The offending team will be reported to the zone board. If payments are not made on deck at the time of forfeiture, the team will not be allowed to enter another tournament until fines are paid.

USAWP Southeast Zone Referee Fee and Reimbursement Policy
Purpose and General Policy:

This document describes the fee and reimbursement structure defaults for events in the USA Water Polo Southeast Zone. All fees, charges, and obligations described within are the responsibility of the event host. The goal is to provide guidance and policy for event planners and referees, yet allow for flexibility to address changes and unique needs. Any desired changes should be worked through in advance between the head referee and the tournament host. NOTE – there is a special section on part time Referees. Failure to adhere or resolve to mutual satisfaction, any of these guidelines, may result in actions by the SE Zone that will impact the host’s future event viability.

Assignor – The Zone Head Referee or his/her designee that assigns referees to game slots of a contest.
Event – A USA Water Polo (USAWP) sanctioned game or tournament consisting of multiple games.
Head Referee – The designated on-site referee that handles issues that arise during the event, such as protests, illness or injury to referees and rescheduling of referees due to conflicts or unexpected absence.
Local Referee – Referees that live within 50 miles one-way driving distance of the event’s main pool.
Non-local Referee – Referees that live further than 50 miles one-way driving distance of the event’s
main pool.
Part-time Referee – Referee-registered players or coaches who choose to referee on a less than full time
basis at an event in addition to their playing or coaching duties.



Per Game Fees:
Tournament Directors along with the Zone Head Referee will determine the level of needed referees.  Referees then will have the choice to accept a tournament based on that level and take a lower pay rate. In the event a higher level tournament the referee will be paid based on his level of rating.  

Rookie $20.00
Level 1 $22.50
Level 2 $27.50
Level 3 $32.50
Level 4 $39.50
Level 5 $46.00

Game Fee Payment Obligations:
If a referee is assigned and accepts the assignment to work a game, then the referee is to be paid for that game. There are NO exceptions for unplanned incidents (e.g. weather, forfeits, etc.).
Assignor Fees:
The Assignor of an event will be paid a fee of $2 per game scheduled. The Assignor will designate the Head Referee based on available staff if the Assignor is not the Head Referee. The Assignor will also prepare a fee breakdown for payment for the event host.

Head Referee Fees:
Each Head Referee for an event is to be paid $25 for a single day event. Head Referees will be paid a flat fee of $50 total for multiple day events.

Reimbursements – Mileage/Tolls:  

Driving reimbursement is $0.35 a mile. The following list describes eligible mileage to declare:
1. Distance from the referee’s home to the main pool.Each referee should submit a document showing this distance via google maps or an equivalent

2. Distances travelled between pools, where applicable, for games assigned to the referee.
3. Tolls and/or parking fees (if any) incurred by a referee to or from the pool are to be fully reimbursed by the Host.
Referee Lodging:
Hosts will make arrangements for lodging and prepay hotel fees for non-local referees that require a hotel room. A room will have at a minimum of two double beds. With the exception of hotel parking fees, incidental costs incurred by the referee at the hotel (e.g. room service, damage, etc.) are not paid or reimbursed by the host. Referees will be required to share hotel rooms in pairs, except when special circumstances dictate otherwise (odd numbers of referees requiring hotel rooms, gender split, etc.).
Referee Meals/Per Diem:
Hosts will fund meals for referees. The meals may either be provided for by the host OR paid for in the form of a per diem. The per diem/meal provision policy is described in Table 2. Regardless of the choice of the host, the host will provide drinking water for referees.
Table 2
If Host opts for Per Diem:
Non-Local Referees $50 / day
Local Referees $25 / day
If Host opts to provide Meals:
Referee scheduled before 9am Breakfast must be provided.
If games are scheduled over lunch time Lunch must be provided.
Referee scheduled after 6pm Dinner must be provided.
Reimbursements – Airfare:
A tournament host may elect to fund air travel for a non-local referee. The amount is to be agreed upon between the host and the air travelling referee in advance.
Reimbursements – Auto Rental:
A tournament host may elect to fund auto rental for a non-local referee. No mileage reimbursement will be paid if a rental vehicle is obtained. The range of expenses to be covered are:
1. Auto rental fee;
2. Fuel expenses;
3. Tolls; and
4. Parking Fees (if any).
Special Note – Part-time Referees (e.g. player/coach):
Except for game fees, in order to qualify for any of the reimbursements discussed in this document, part-time referees must be scheduled at least 2/3 of the average number of games assigned to the regular referees for that day. Example – if the average number of games assigned to a referee is 10 then the minimum number of games worked would be 7 (10 *2/3 = 6.66).

Local referees that do not play or coach, but who only work part of a tournament day are entitled to mileage reimbursement and meals provided by the host, in addition to game fees.